Above the Fold Images, Above Average Sales

Kate Hamlett and Andrew Stalker were featured speakers for a webinar series in December 2019 about the benefits of above the fold imagery for Supplier Community. During the presentation, they spoke about the importance of imaging, what makes a best-in-class image gallery, and the benefits of using image renderings rather than product shots.

Until consumers can reach through their screens to pick up a product and touch or examine it, imagery is imperative to successfully sell online. Often, it’s the consumer’s first time seeing the product. Even when shopping in-store, customers will frequently research products online ahead of time or while they’re holding the product to ensure they are paying the best price, getting the most information, and considering reviews.

Did you know that 66% of consumers want to see at least three images of a product while shopping online(Salsify)? 

Think about your image gallery and what images you are putting forth to sell your products. Are the images legible? Do they highlight the best parts of your products? Do you have more than three? 

In this webinar, Kate and Andrew will teach you what above the fold images are, why they are so important, and some of our best-in-class strategies to make sure you get the most out of your product images.



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