How To Control Your Brand Equity Online

Michelle Dailing, Director of Brand Advocacy, went to the Winning on Amazon & Beyond conference put on by Supplier Community. She gave an insightful talk about the challenges that come with selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and what her team at Sage Tree does to mitigate some of those issues. From third-party sellers to bad reviews, she talks about it all! Check out her talk below to learn all about how to protect your brand.




Michelle joined Sage Tree with over 17 years of sales and management experience in the Professional Hair and Skincare Industry. Her previous experience on the vendor side of the
table gives her a broad understanding of clients’ needs and challenges. After spending two years as a National Account Manager at Sage Tree Michelle was given the opportunity to start and lead, the Marketplace Enforcement Team. This team focuses on providing solutions in the ever-changing 3P channel. This division has grown to include work streams specializing in protecting brands through Seller Enforcement, eMAP Monitoring, and Authorized 3P Sales Partnerships.  She also leads the Review Management team that focuses on responding to reviews and answering questions for brand partners in the online space.



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